Meet Lisa


I am a wife to my amazing husband, Justin and a mother to Nora & Hank! We also house a very large & loving gentle giant, Dane the Great Dane! There is nothing more important to me than my little family of 4. I can't even begin to tell you what they mean to me. I couldn't ask for a better life. I also have an amazing extended family and I am blessed to say we all live within 30 minutes of eachother. <3 
Not every photographer is for everyone, but I'm hoping this will give you some insight into my life and what I love! :)


I hold an AAS degree in portrait photography. 
I have found that without schooling there is a lot I would not have learned about photography.
Quality vs. Quantity. The basic ins and outs of being the best photograper you can be. 
Knowing that this industry will forver be changing is what I thrive on. I love knowing that what I'm doing this year will not be what i'm doing next year. My niche is always changing which gives me the opportunity to become the best photographer that I can be in every aspect of this business.


My style is always evolving.  I enjoy working in various visual settings that bring our collaborative vision to life. I love the serenity of modern simplicity  as well as the warmth of a more rustic and traditional approach. :) 


It's a great joy for me as a photographer to capture all the wonderful moments and milestones you and your family embark on. First glances and dances to the new life you may bring into the world and the many other adventures you are sure to experience along the way.


One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day. If I could find the time to document a wedding every weekend I would! Its the one time in your life when you have a day dedicated to you and the person you will spend the rest of your life with! Being part your special is a truly amazing experience! :)


I'm not sure how many times I could tell you how much I LOVE photographing newborns. There is nothing more precious than getting their first days captured, because their newness doesn't stay for long. Before you know it they are 6 months old and you find yourself wondering where the time went. Whether its in the studio or in your home I think its the one time parents need photos of their babies! Every single baby is perfect in their own little way and I love being able to document that!

| KIDS |

I love being able to let kids be themselves around me. Kids are kids and need to be running, checking everything out. If your child comes to the studio and needs to rearrange every piece of furniture they can lift I definitely do not mind! :) If you come to the studio and the child has a full out melt down, and we spend the full hour trying to calm them down, we will reschedule. I want you to have photos you can treasure and that captures all of the personalities of your little one. So if that means bringing them in another time we will do it! :)


You are always adding to your family. Whether its having a brand new baby, adding a new puppy to your already family of 6 or getting your family of 20 together for your grandparents 75th wedding anniversary. Your family is growing by leaps and bounds. I know my family was never huge on this and I wish we were. Making a point to capture everything with everyone you love and having something to look back on is a treasure that you can hold onto forever.


You will never recieve a DVD full of hundreds or thousands of photos. Nobody has time to sort through that many photographs, so I do it for you. Its what you are hiring me for, you get to see the best of the best! 

I hope this has been helpful and given you some additional information in your search for a photographer! I would be honored to work with you! :) 

xoxo - Lisa